Beauty Knowhow: Pamper like a pro

Beauty Knowhow: Pamper like a pro

Take your facial to the next level with the latest rollers and massagers 

Along with the rise in facialist-brand skincare products comes a growth in sales of tools that can be used alongside them to create mini treatments at home. As Newby Hands of Net-a-Porter puts it, ‘Given that skincare is such a huge market today, facialists frequently offer something a little different when it comes to tools – facial rollers, for instance.’ Such tools don’t have to come from a facialist’s own range – many brands now offer great accessories. Here is a selection of my favourites to help boost your bathroom routine.

Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller, £12,

Used to aid lymphatic drainage as well as give a light massage.

Nurse Jamie UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller, £55,

A rotating barrel studded with 24 massaging stones, it helps boost circulation, depuff and tighten, and can be used on arms and legs, too.

Sarah Chapman The Facialift massager, £28,

These massage heads depuff, bring a glow to the complexion and relieve tension in the jaw.

Foreo Iris Anti Wrinkle Eye Massager, £119,

This pulsating tool helps with dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and absorption of skincare products.

Sensse Facial Contour Definer, £39.99,

Its rotating heads can be rolled along the jawline for added definition.

Angela Caglia Rosebud Eye Treatment Set, £45,

Roll gently around the eyes to depuff. Keep in the fridge for added cooling benefits.